Urban Warriors Graduation Ceremony (2015)

The Youth Safety and Violence Prevention program (YSVP) is a comprehensive, trauma-informed approach to violence prevention that looks at past exposure to trauma as a main driver of future dangerous behaviors. Urban Warriors is a program of the YMCA of Metro Chicago's Youth YSVP initiative. Urban Warriors provides a structured curriculum based program, that pairs experienced veterans with youth exposed to violence from Chicago's South and West Sides. 



The Experimental Station works to build independent cultural infrastructure on the South Side of Chicago. They do this by fostering a dynamic ecology of innovative educational and cultural programs, small business enterprises and community initiatives, including: The Invisible Institute, The 61st Street Farmers Market, Blackstone Bicycle Works.

Blackstone Bicycle Works (2014)

Still from 'Blackstone'

Still from 'Blackstone'

The 61st Street Farmers Market (2014)

The 61st Street Farmers Market seeks to increase the affordability and accessibility of nutritious foods sold at Illinois farmers markets for low-income people. LINK Up Illinois, works towards this goal by providing farmers markets across the state with funding for Double Value Coupon incentive programs for Link Card (Illinois' SNAP program, formerly known as “food stamps”) shoppers.

Double Value Food Stamp Program