Artist: Carlos Javier Ortiz

We All We Got

Role: Assistant Audio Producer | Year: 2015

A Thousand Midnights

Role: Co-Audio Producer, Research | Year: 2016

Published: The New Yorker

I’m Here

Role: Audio Producer, Co-writer | Year: 2017

Commissioned by: Atlanta Legal Aid | Screening: Atlanta Celebrates Photography, “Picturing Justice” Festival

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Artists: Tirtza Even + Meg McLagan

Half Truths and Full Lies

Role: Audio Producer | Year: 2018

Screening: Sullivan Galleries, School of The Art Institute of Chicago

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Artist: Nina Berman

Kimberly 2011-2018 (An Autobiography of Miss Wish)

Role: Assistant Producer, Editor, Composer | Year: 2018

Screening: The Organ Vida International Photography Festival | Garerija Nova, Zagreb, Croatia

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The Triumph of The Shill

Role: Assistant Sound Editor, Mixer | Year: 2017

Screening: Photoville Photography Festival | Shipping Container, Brooklyn, NY

Artist: Donna Ferrato

Road Trip, U.S.A

Role: Editor, Audio Producer | Year: 2017

Screening: Cortona On The Move International Photography Festival | Italy

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Filmmaker: Caveh Zahedi

First Crush

Role: Assistant Producer | Year: 2017


Night Blindness

Role: Audio Producer (collaboration with photographer, Chiara Pansini) | Year: 2017 | Budapest


Lead In Da Watah’ by Avery R. Young

Role: Producer | Year: 2015

Published: NPR (Michigan Public Radio)