School Colors

co-production by Brooklyn Deep and the NYU Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools

Episodes: In Production | Role: Editor, Sound Desginer

School Colors is a documentary podcast series about race, class, and power in American cities - told through the story of one public school district in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Produced and hosted by Mark Winston Griffith and Max Freedman.

Preview: Ocean-Hill Brownsville

Valparaiso University Law School Podcast Series

hosted by WBEZ Reporter Natalie Moore

Role: Executive Producer | Year: 2014-2015


The Theory of Everything

hosted by Roman Mars

Role: Interviewer, Contributing Research | Year: 2015 | Theme: Juvenile Lifers, Access to Music In Prison


99% Invisible

hosted by Roman Mars

Role: Contributing Research | Year: 2015 | Theme: use of cassette tapes in prisons




Source: ice flowing, cracking, and melting on Danube River, Budapest

Formation of Rain

Source: rainfall, clouds, sky


Source: Blues Harmonica musician, Lurrie Bell (Chicago); intercom announcement (Japan)

Above / Below

Source: Williamsburg Bridge, NYC

Dreamscape I

Source: heart monitor, nutmeg, rain

Dreamscape II

Source: heart monitor, sky, rainfall


Atlanta Celebrates Photography's "Picturing Justice" with Carlos Javier Ortiz

Role: Co-Producer | Commissioned by: Atlanta Legal Aid | Theme: home, housing insecurity, poverty, race Location: Atlanta | Year: 2017

Still. Life by Nyssa Chow

Role: Assistant Editor (sound) + installation production | Location: CHI Studio, Trinidad | Year: 2017 | Source: nutmeg cracking ; played on transducers for "Still.Life.", an oral history and multimedia installation by Nyssa Chow 

Cardboard Castle by Alaa Hassan

Role: Co-Producer | Theme: War in Syria, Propaganda | Location: Photoville, New York City | Year: 2017


Never Enough Time

Role: Producer | Year: 2018

"Never Enough Time" is a short, experimental radio piece about the endless distances of a LWOP sentence. Featuring the voices of Efren (sentenced to JLWOP in 1989, he was the youngest person in Michigan’s history to be automatically transferred to an adult prison) and his mother, Velia, this piece explores the long-distance relationships between the incarcerated and their loved ones and the costs of isolation.


Role: Producer | Year: 2018 | Source: Manhattan Bridge | Co-written + read by Joseph Reid

New World Griot

Role: Producer | Year: 2013 | Source: Salieu Susso; Kora Subway musician

We Waited, We Gathered

Role: Producer | Year: 2016 | Source: Bobbie, Chicago; recording by Carlos Javier Ortiz