School Colors

co-production by Brooklyn Deep and the NYU Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools

Episodes: In Production | Role: Editor, Sound Desginer

School Colors is a documentary podcast series about race, class, and power in American cities - told through the story of one public school district in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Produced and hosted by Mark Winston Griffith and Max Freedman.

Preview: Ocean-Hill Brownsville

Valparaiso University Law School Podcast Series

hosted by WBEZ Reporter Natalie Moore

Role: Executive Producer | Year: 2014-2015


The Theory of Everything

hosted by Roman Mars

Role: Interviewer, Contributing Research | Year: 2015 | Theme: Juvenile Lifers, Access to Music In Prison


99% Invisible

hosted by Roman Mars

Role: Contributing Research | Year: 2015 | Theme: use of cassette tapes in prisons




Source: ice flowing, cracking, and melting on Danube River, Budapest

Formation of Rain

Source: rainfall, clouds, sky


Source: Blues Harmonica musician, Lurrie Bell (Chicago); intercom announcement (Japan)

Above / Below

Source: Williamsburg Bridge, NYC

Dreamscape I

Source: heart monitor, nutmeg, rain

Dreamscape II

Source: heart monitor, sky, rainfall


Atlanta Celebrates Photography's "Picturing Justice" with Carlos Javier Ortiz

| Role: Co-Producer | Commissioned by: Atlanta Legal Aid | Theme: home, housing insecurity, poverty, race Location: Atlanta | Year: 2017

Still. Life by Nyssa Chow

Role: Assistant Producer | Location: CHI Studio, Trinidad | Year: 2017 | Source: nutmeg cracking ; played on transducers for "Still.Life.", an oral history and multimedia installation by Nyssa Chow 

Cardboard Castle by Alaa Hassan

Role: Co-Producer | Theme: War in Syria, Propaganda | Location: Photoville, New York City | Year: 2017


Never Enough Time

Role: Producer | Year: 2018

"Never Enough Time" is a short, experimental radio piece about the endless distances of a LWOP sentence. Featuring the voices of Efren (sentenced to JLWOP in 1989, he was the youngest person in Michiganā€™s history to be automatically transferred to an adult prison) and his mother, Velia, this piece explores the long-distance relationships between the incarcerated and their loved ones and the costs of isolation.


Role: Producer | Year: 2018 | Source: Manhattan Bridge | Co-written + read by Joseph Reid

New World Griot

Role: Producer | Year: 2013 | Source: Salieu Susso; Kora Subway musician

We Waited, We Gathered

Role: Producer | Year: 2016 | Source: Bobbie, Chicago; recording by Carlos Javier Ortiz